Winter Yogi land tour in Guru Renpoche year.

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Please send us scan copy of your passport, title of profession before 15th May, Invitation letter&hotel reservation will be sent before 5th June.

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Train tickets are available two months in advance!

You should select Xining Train Station as your destination if you travel in train, train tickets are usually avaliable 2 months in advance, but we strongly suggest you to check the website below and buy it as soon as possible when it’s available, because hard and soft sleepers are limited, and we believe you wouldn’t want to sit or stand for 20 hours on the train. hard sleeper is 6-bed without door to the corridor, soft sleeper is 4-bed with sliding door. trains are 60% cheaper than flights, train stations is always crowded, once you bought the ticket online, you need to take your passport to the ticket selling windows to get the paper ticket before you get on the train, it is wiser to go there at least 3 hours in advance. we will be in Xining train station to pick you up!

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Flight Tickets

The name of the airport in Amdo is CaoJiaBao Airport, most of the air tickets in China are full price during July and August, best place to fly would be Xi'an to XiNing, a round ticket would be less than 250 euros.

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Yogi Land Winter Tour in Guru Renpoche Year

Monkey year is known as Guru Renpoche Year, the aim of this tour is to give an opportunity for Nyingma practitioners to have a full view of Yogi land in Amdo, experience and observe fundamentally the everyday life of Yogis and yoginis, as we know that Tibetan women are recognised as one of the largest contributors to the Ngak-Mang. Ngakmas (female Ngakpas) such as Yeshe Tsogyal, Machin Labdron and Chusep Jetsun were highly respected practitioners and were an inspiration to many Tibetan women. Yeshe Tsogyal (777 - 837 CE), the First Tibetan "Ngakma", is also considered the first female Tibetan Doctor, as she uncovered many mantras and therapies relating to Tibetan Medicine.

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Spiritual and Culture

The Ngakpa is the cultural and non-monastic spiritual tradition of the Tibetan people. Padmasambava (Tib. Guru Rinpoche) founded it in the 8th century so that lay people could receive spiritual and cultural education.


Sorigtour 2016 has completed with Yuthok Blessings

“Sorig” is the tibetan word of Science of Tibetan Medicine. Sorigtour is especially dedicated to those who are interested in exploring more about Traditional Tibetan Medicine. Let me list some points where you will think it is worthy to join us!

Retreats in yogi villages and Caves on holy mountains.

There are ten wooden retreat rooms available in RigzinRamPelling, it is located in a quite yogi village up on the mountain, the average altitude is about 3000m. there are also caves in different holy places, but please let us know 1 month in advance about your retreat schedule.

Yogi Land Winter Tour in Guru Renpoche Year



Traditional Tibetan Medicine

TTM group is getting larger in a stable pace, This tour has started from 2006, we gathered all of our experiences during the past years to understand the needs of international doctors, therapists and TTM practitioners and better organizing this summer tour based on Traditional Tibetan Medicine practice as well as Tibetan spirituality and culture. Here is a Facebook link where you will be witnessing our adventure of getting IATTM standard certificate on practicing TTM as well as our joyful moments!